Female choir of white voices

With twenty years of trajectory, the peculiar formula of the Voxalba female choir groups 16 women who, on their own initiative, come together to form an independent choir. The strong will, discipline and commitment of the members, who have a wide range of musical interests, have made this training a solid and distinguished institution. 16 characters, 16 timbres, special colours, 16 vital and professional experiences, make this amalgam a high quality ensemble. The small number allows the singers an individual level through which they assume roles of an unusual protagonism in the choral context. With a rich and diverse repertoire, a cappella or with accompaniment, the exquisite voices of sopranos, mezzos and contr altos give off an unprecedented sensuality.
The 16 women fill the stage with complete security, breaking the classic choral statism, express themselves and move with prodigious ease. Their concerts are dynamic, brilliant and spectacular. Female choir, chorus of nuances, wonderful mix of diversity.

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