The Altarpiece of Santa María del Pi


The presbytery of Santa María del Pi today has a bare stone wall, but this has not always been the case. In 1525 the Virgin crowned a beautiful Renaissance building that was shattered by a bomb in 1714; in 1737 a Baroque structure that dazzled the visitor who admired it could be seen; in 1868 the Gothic nave was dominated by a neo-Gothic altarpiece that helped devotion. But on July 19, 1936, the fire definitely left the wall bare.


His school is encouraged to design a new altarpiece for the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi for this new millennium and present the design to the competition?
You can do this individually or in a group.
You must deliver it to us by sending it to the following e-mail address:
You can find the complete rules of the competition at:


Apart from the information we give you on the size and format of the presentation, which can be found in the “Contest” section of this tab of our website, you must bear in mind that the Altarpiece must have at least three titles:

– in the centre of the altarpiece, presided over by the Virgin of Pi

– to the right of the Virgin of Pi, St. Joseph Oriol

– to the left of the Virgin of Pi, Saint Joaquina of Vedruna