Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Altarpiece of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (1977)

Joaquim de Ros i de Ramis (1911-1988) Josep Miret i Llopart (1908-1979) MiTPi-0137

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is placed in this chapel since the last years of the 19th century. In the past there was a Neo-Baroque altarpiece with a beautiful Sacred Heart statue, made by Miquel Castellanas, which burnt during the fire of 1936, and today only remain three lamps, hung on the vaults. The present altarpiece was designed by the architect Joaquim de Ros i de Ramis and made by Josep Miret. Besides the patron saint it contains the statues of Saint Raymond Nonnatus and Saint Liborius in each side. Saint Liborius was already a very popular saint in Santa Maria del Pi. He was advocated against the kidney stones and the urinary tract infections, and there was a tradition consisting in dissolve salt cubes in the oil lamp which burnt in front of the saint, believing that the kidney stone will be dissolved as the salt cube. Years ago there was also placed here the access to the pulpit, where the Gospel and the sermon were proclaimed during the celebrations. In the solemnities the Lignum Crucis, which can be seen in the Treasury, was placed in the pulpit.

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Altarpiece of the Sacred Heart of Jesus before 1936.