Chapel of the Virgin of Montserrat

Altarpiece of the Virgin of Montserrat (1986)


The chapel was originally devoted to Corpus Christi. Later it was known as chapel of the Crossbearer because the new altarpiece, built in the modern era, whose central painting depicted Christ following the Via Dolorosa and carrying the cross. In 1807 it was devoted to Dr. Josep Oriol, who was beatified the year before with great feasts around the city, and a century later a new altarpiece was made because of his canonization in 1909. This altarpiece consisted in a central niche with the saint’s statue, made by the Vallmitjana brothers, and the cardinal virtues, under pinnacles, at the sides alternated with paintings depicting the saint’s life, made by Joan Llimona. Under the statue of Josep Oriol there was a tabernacle where the ark with his relics was placed, which was carried in procession during the feasts of beatification. The altarpiece burnt in the fire of 1936 and the ark with the relics disappeared. Later was placed the beatification statue of Josep Oriol, made by Ramon Amadeu. In 2012 was moved and placed the altarpiece of the Virgin of Montserrat gave in 1968 by Mr. Luís Ferrer Eguizábal. The virgin of Montserrat it’s in the middle and Saint Joseph and Saint Louis, king of France. There are also worshiped the statues of Saint Peter de Regalado and Saint Roch, and a picture of the Blessed Maria Ángela Astorch (1592-1667), parishioner of Santa Maria del Pi.

© Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi, Albert Cortés

Altarpiece of Saint Josep Oriol before 1936.

Ark with Saint Josep Oriol’s relics (ca. 1806).