The Archive of the Basílica de Santa Maria del Pi is one of the most important ecclesiastic archives of the city of Barcelona. The volume of the documentation and its quality is the result of more than the thousand years of the Parish existence, which becomes one of the biggest and actives Parishes of the city. The most ancient registers last from the 11th Century, being the most interesting periods those from 15th to 18th Centuries.

The guarded documentation is not only the customary in a Parish archive, so to say the sacramental funds, but is the result of the joint of the archive of the Illustrious Work Council, the laics that have managed the building until the 20th Century, The Reverend Community of Beneficiaries, those in charge of the pastoral and liturgy of the church, and the funds of the different corporations which existed associated to the Basílica in several moments of its history.

The archive begins to be grouped towards the end of the 14thCentury, with the church still building. During the 15thCentury were systemized the sacramental registers and the census and notarial documentation, plus the administrative generated by the Reverend Community of Beneficiary Presbyters, definitely stablished on the year 1402, and it is conserved in its entirety, as well of a lot of management documentation, the series of the acts of the reunions (1527-1936), an exceptional fund that tells, month per month, the history of the corporation and the Parish. In the Modern Era were compiled the various books of rituals of the sacristy and offices, documents that bring a lot of information about the Parish management and their responsibles and appears the archive of the Work Council as an autonomous entity.

With the building of a new placement on the year 1764, more than 250 years ago, the documentation is placed in the modern edification, which had kept its function until the present day. In 1936 the archive was saved, almost in its entirety, thanks to the heroic behaviour of Dr Jordi Rubió i Balaguer,
commissioner by the Republican Generalitat in order to save the Barcelona archives and a few fellow volunteers of the Catalonia Library, who take off the documentation while the church was still in flames.

The most ancient documentation guarded is back from the year 1142 and continues until the present day, because the Basílica activity still produces documentation. Remarkable are, for its volume, the economical and management series of the 15thto 18th Centuries, excelling the documentation regarding the implication of Santa Maria del Pi in the Segadors and Succession Wars, the one related to the beatification of Sant Josep Oriol (1750-1807) and the documentation of the “Plat del Pobre Vergonyant” (the Ashamed Poor Dish), that lasts to the year 1401. The archive is completed with a remarkable fund of publications and etchings from 17th Century to the 20thCentury, a photographic and audio-visual fund from 19th to the 21th Centuries, and a Historic Library with volumes from the 16th Century.

Despite being a privately owned archive, it is open to the public for consultation and certification during the hours that can be consulted here.

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