The Association of Friends of the Giants of Pi is a non-profit association in charge of the custody, maintenance and diffusion of the different festive figures that make up the cultural legacy of the parish of Pi.

Currently the entity is in charge of: the Pi Giants, the Little Pi Giants, the giant “Perot Lo Lladre”, the Mulassa of Barcelona and the Lion of Barcelona.

As an entity of popular and traditional Catalan culture, the Association disseminates part of the festive heritage of the city of Barcelona parts, always within the framework of popular culture and traditional type.

With its headquarters in the heart of the Old City district of Barcelona and as part of its cultural legacy, the entity participates in its Festa Major and in the rest of Barcelona’s traditional festivities, as well as being invited to different meetings or exhibitions of Catalan popular culture that are held inside and outside Catalonia.

You can find more information about the Giants of Pi by visiting the website of the Association of Friends of the Giants of Pi a: