Chapel of the Baptistery

Baptismal font (14th century)


“I saw a water spring coming out from under the threshold of the temple toward the east, and wherever the water arrives everything will live.” Ez 47, 1-9.1

The baptistery it’s usually placed near the entrance of the churches with an ancient intentional purpose of Christian initiation: the novice should become a member of the community before he could participate of the liturgy. The first notices about the baptistery of Santa Maria del Pi are from 1388, when the construction of the chapel devoted to Saint Bernard and Saint Nicholas was ordered. The baptismal font, made in stone, was probably cracked during the 17th century, because in 1691 a new one was blessed, this made in Carrara marble, placed inside the first baptismal font. Many habitants of Barcelona were baptised in this font, but specially Saint Joaquima de Vedruna (1783-1854),for whom Josep Mª Jujol did the monument placed in the left wall of the chapel, along with the two lamps, when she was beatified in 1945. Another funerary monument can also be seen in the right wall, dedicated to Rosa Brocca Sagnier (1803-1831). A beautiful memorial in Romanticism style with mourning motifs like the torchs turned around or the rose with the broken stem. In the back wall there is a relief with the Baptism of Christ, defrayed by the Count of Llar as a memorial of his own baptism in 1777. Finally in the floor can be seen the grave of Jeroni de Codina Junquer, member of the Royal Audience of Aragon, died in 1675.

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